About Us

At the academy we offer various martial arts, we feel that there will be something for everyone. We pride ourselves on giving our members top class tuition in a safe and friendly environment.

Our classes are open to people of all ages ( 4+) and any level of fitness.
AIKIDO and KARATE are traditional martial arts of JAPAN therefore we keep it as traditional as possible all the terminology in these arts are taught in Japanese.

The academy is affiliated to the TRADITIONAL BUDO & COMBAT INSTITUTE,a new non political organisation which welcomes all martial arts to join them.

All our instructors have spent many years training in the discipline of which they teach, so we believe the standard of the academy is very high.

Like all self defence systems the academy has a grading syllabus so the member has a record of his/her progress. It must be stressed like all things practice makes perfect and there are no short cuts to the top.

Etiquette, discipline and respect are very high on the agenda within the academy foul language, Bullying/racial abuse and poor personal hygiene will not be tolerated under any circumstances. We want each member to feel they are part of one big happy family.

At the academy we follow the path as described in the famous Book of Shend. It teaches us that paradoxically, by practicing the arts of war we are able to reach inner peace and enlightenment.

By logging on to our website you have made the first step on a long journey you are about to embark on a skill that is as old as history itself, a skill continued through generation upon generation a skill eventually handed on to you for the protection of yourself and your family, a skill that will give you supreme confidence in any emergency.

All the instructors at the academy are fully qualified, insured and CRB checked.

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