Kick Boxing

Kickboxing is a modern form of self defence as its name implies it takes all the hand techniques of western boxing and the leg techniques from various other martial arts. As we all now live in a society where assaults on people is now common place learning to defend yourself has never been more important.

Kickboxing is a fast and effective means of self defence its an excellent way to tone and strengthen muscles it also keeps you very fit and makes the body more flexible It also helps with balance and coordination and is a great way of alleviating stress.

Kickboxing here at the academy also incorporates knees and elbows the style we do is very much thai boxing orientated as our instructor trained with sensei RONNIE GREEN 5 times world champion.

We feel our sessions offers something for everyone so if you just want to get fit or eventually enter competitions here at the academy we can cater for all your needs.

The academy offers a full range of facilities including  pads, punch bags, speed ball, floor to ceiling ball fully matted training area and of course top class instruction .

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain in todays mad society a little knowledge does go a long way so why not come and see us for a look at a session and a chat about whats suitable for you .

Hope to see you soon

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