Welcome to our website I hope you find it both interesting and valuable in your search to find a self defence system.

The aim of the academy and all its dedicated instructors is to make The Dojo a centre of excellence for martial arts in the Batley area.

The club runs on a non profit making basis, non of the instructors are paid so any monies that are left are used to improve the facilities of the academy. Our members are encouraged to provide ideas on how we can improve the running of the academy. We want each member’s training experience to be a happy one.

The Dojo Martial Arts Academy has been featured on sky television and has participated in various demonstrations, the last one being at the Royal Armouries in Leeds.

The Dojo has just been awarded the Duke of york community initiative.

Thank you for visiting us, I hope to see you in person very soon.

You can contact the Dojo on Tele 0113-2790541 Mob 07706417988 or www.keithprole@btinternet.com

Sensei Keith Prole 6th Dan chief instructor for The Dojo Martial Arts Academy.

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